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Forgiving Ourselves

How often do we live with the guilt of something we’ve done years ago? I know I still look back on things and think “Why in the world did I do that?” or “What was I thinking?” We all have these moments because, despite how hard we try, we’re not perfect. However, the hardest part of sin is learning to forgive ourselves. God forgives us. It’s who He is, and it’s what He does. St. Faustina once said that our sins are but a drop in God’s ocean of mercy. Our sins are tiny DROPS and His mercy is a vast OCEAN. I think of this quote often when I start to look down upon myself because of things I have regretted doing in the past. When God forgives He forgives fully. When I go to confession my priest always tells me that after leaving the confessional I am as pure as the day I was born. So if we know that God showers us in His ocean of mercy, then why do we still feel guilt? The answer is the devil. Since the beginning of time, all the way back to Adam and Eve and the garden, Satan’s main goal has been to get us to doubt. He wants us to doubt God’s power and mercy. He wants us to think “You did that?! There’s no way God could forgive you of that sin!” He wants us to doubt God’s mercy because God’s mercy is what enables us to get to Heaven, and heaven is the last place the devil wants us to be. God’s mercy is stronger than ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in this universe. Once we are truly sorry and beg for His forgiveness God lets His mercy reign down. Let’s remember to be empowered by God’s mercy and to never forget that our sins are but a drop in His ocean of mercy.


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