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Review: The Bible in a Year Podcast

I usually don’t write blogs like this, but I am simply astonished by Fr. Mike Schmitz’s The Bible in a Year podcast. I think reading the Bible is something every Christian wants to accomplish by the end of his or her life. However, the Bible can be intimidating, in the best way possible of course. First of all it’s huge, and second of all, there are so many things in the Bible that just don’t make sense to us when we read it from a modern point of view. Also, even if we did read the entire Bible on our own, if it makes no sense to us, then what’s the point? We want to get something out of what we’re reading, and the Bible has so many life changing lessons for us to learn. That is what makes this podcast so incredible. Fr. Mike breaks the Bible down into sections that feel less overwhelming, and then he literally reads it out loud to you. After he reads the passages for that day he then explains their significance and meaning, and let me tell you, more often than not, my mind is blown. There have already been so many times when I have learned something entirely new about a passage I have probably read 100 times before. By further explaining the cultural and historical context of the passages, Fr. Mike makes very confusing, and, sometimes, what could potentially be boring verses, come to life. The Bible Fr. Mike uses is The Great Adventure Bible from Ascension Press. This translation of the Bible is super easy to understand and has sections that go into depth about significant events and time periods. However, you can follow along with any Bible you would like to use, or you could just listen if that’s what you prefer. The best part about The Bible in a Year podcast is that it is super easy to incorporate into your daily routine because the episodes are only about 20 minutes each, sometimes less. This is the perfect podcast for you to listen to while driving to and from work. I like to listen to it in the evenings with my cats and follow along with my Great Adventure Bible, and my mom even listens to it in the bathtub (for those of you who know her this is not the least bit shocking). Also, it's not too late to start! We’re only on day 17 of 365, so you have plenty of time to catch up. This is an amazing and easy way to incorporate the Bible into your daily routine, as well as, accomplish reading the entire Bible from cover to cover. There is also a reading guide so you can see how the Bible will be broken down for the entire year. I’ve included the link to sign up and get the reading guide below! P.S. The Bible in a Year podcast is currently ranked #1 out of all the categories on the Podcast App. That’s a lot of people hearing the Word of God!!

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