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Seasonal Depression

Now I’m not a psychologist, but it’s a known fact that for some reason seasonal changes have a huge effect on our mood. Now I’m sure there’s some scientific explanation for it, but I know for most people this time of the year can bring on mental struggles. I’ve been talking with my friends and we’ve all realized that over the past few weeks we just haven’t been are usual bubbly selves. We don’t really have any motivation to do anything, we’re always in bed and we’re feeling pretty lonely. I wouldn’t say we’re in a full out depressive episode, but our moods are definitely on the sadder side. And it sucks! It can be even harder to handle when those around you aren’t going through this mental health struggle too. Your friends look at you and think you’re being lazy, but don’t realize that it’s something that you can’t control. I know for me when this mental change happens it also gets harder and harder to pray. The loneliness this seasonal depression brings makes it difficult to remember that God is always by our side. We get so caught up in this mental funk that we think we have to do it all on our own. We forget that God is longing to guide us through our hardships, and He loves nothing more than for us to be fully happy. His heart hurts to see us not being ourselves, but He understands that this is apart of our human nature. In today’s reading from 2 Timothy it says that we must stay persistent in prayer whether it’s convenient or inconvenient, and sometimes when we aren’t mentally feeling like ourselves prayer can start to feel inconvenient. In these moments we must stay focused on God, and continue to pray even when it’s difficult. One of the most important things to remember when we’re going through this seasonal change is that we will come out of it, and we will go back to being ourselves. 


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