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Working Towards Holiness

If there’s one thing Christians know it’s that “holiness" can sometimes be a pretty intimidating word. It’s our ultimate goal in life, so when we’re not living our best holy lives, we can start to feel like we’re failing at everything. I’d been feeling like this recently until I went to the All Saint’s Day mass on Friday. The priest’s main point was that holiness is not as rare as we think. We are constantly comparing our holiness with others. We look at the lives of the saints or the lives of our friends and think to ourselves “wow I will never be as holy as them.” We think holiness is something that we will never be able to achieve or something that we are not worthy of, and when we have that mindset we are setting ourselves up for failure. The priest also reminded us that holiness comes in all shapes and sizes. We all have been equipped by God with vastly different gifts. Therefore, the way I express holiness can be entirely different from the way my friends show their holiness. What really matters at the end of the day are our intentions, and only God truly knows the intentions of our soul. We are capable of living holy lives, just like the saints, and just like that of our holy friends. However, the key to achieving our own personal holiness is to understand that comparison will not do us any good. While it’s wonderful to share holiness with others, holiness is ultimately a person relationship between us and the Father. No one knows us like God does and He is the only one who can bless us with the graces to achieve ultimate holiness. Never forget that you are worthy and capable of holiness. 


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